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2 Bros 1 Shaker Cup

Dec 20, 2018

In this episode we have Stacy Burr, one of the best Lifters All time, male or female! Got lots of great advice for lifters in this episode. She is known for her intensity in the gym, as well as her motivating positive attitude with a passion for helping others reach their potential. Definitely a funny podcast and we had...

Dec 11, 2018

This episode we have one of the best Deadlifters ever, Cailer Woolam. Cailer talks about his introduction to Powerlifting, his experience competing in Russia, and his goals for the future. Who will have the Higher wilks at the US Open, Brandon or Cailer??

Dec 6, 2018

We are still around! We go over Andy's Record Breakers performance and update everyone on our offseason training and touch on what we like to do outside of the gym.

Nov 6, 2018

This week we have on big, Julius Maddox, one of the strongest Bench pressers in the world! He has successfully pressed 705lbs in a meet and has his eyes on the American and all time World Records. Find out Julius' incredible story of how he turned his life around from being caught up in drugs and living a dangerous...

Oct 31, 2018

This episode, Brandon recaps his Big Dogs performance and trip to Australia. We also update my prep and say goodbye to a Powerlifting legend.