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2 Bros 1 Shaker Cup

Feb 27, 2019

Our favorite 1 legged Friend, Derek Weida is Back! Derek talks about life with the 2 new additions in his life, Twin boys. He is also prepping for his next and FINAL powerlifting meet!! Hear some updates on our prep and how a new CPAP device is helping Brandon get more sleep.

Feb 21, 2019

This episode we answer some Listener questions from training to coaching to some personal details. And our guess is Evan Rutledge, powerlifter/weightlifter and straight jacked and strong beast. Learn about Evan's history of lifting weights and his passion for raising helping out Pitbulls

Feb 13, 2019

On this Episode of the BroCast, we have Luigi Fagiani, long time Powerlifter, and owner of Buffalo Beard Company. Find out how Luigi got started in Powerlifting, what he has been up to lately and why his Lifting career is a joke. And how he balances working full time at Apeman, being a newly wed, starting having a new...

Feb 6, 2019

This episode is sure to be our most explicit and informative episode yet...on all things eating Peach and calling out a few people!! We are joined be Brandon Franklin, Mr. Eating Ass, and he's not holding anything back! Find out who he calls out, and his How to Guide on the Art of making your way around the Rear end.